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The Bestselling Divorce Book: Breaking Free
Top divorce attorney Rebecca Zung, Esq. provides a comprehensive 45-day divorce roadmap, through daily readings, exercises and meditations, offering tips and tools to navigate this challenging time.
  • EMOTIONAL FREEDOM. Rebecca explains the many kinds of emotions a divorce can trigger, like fear, anger, guilt and resignation, and offers advice about what readers can do to overcome each one.
  •  PHYSICAL FREEDOM. Rebecca offers practical information about how to handle all of the legal and financial aspects of divorce, like child support and alimony, and how to cope with a divorce trial.
  •  SPIRITUAL FREEDOM. Rebecca provides tips and tools to empower and inspire readers so they can forgive, laugh again, take charge of their lives, be free, pursue their passions and live with integrity once their divorce is over.
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The #1 Divorce Strategist in America: Rebecca Zung, Esq.
Divorce Transformation Strategist and Best Lawyer in America honoree, Rebecca Zung, empowers savvy, discerning, and insightful people all over the nation to break free and be transformed in all aspects of their lives. Since 1999, she has been revolutionizing the conversation® about divorce, and has been privileged to guide thousands who were stuck in divorce, drama, trauma and chaos to step into lives of freedom, possibility, prosperity and purpose.

Author of bestselling book Breaking Free: A Step-by-Step Divorce Guide for Achieving Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Freedom, Rebecca is also acknowledged by her peers and the judiciary as one of the top 1% of divorce attorneys in America. In her book and keynote presentations, she shares the lessons that she learned in her own transformational journey starting as a college dropout, who married at 19 and had three children by the age of 23, who was divorced by the age of 29, to becoming one of most highly respected and celebrated divorce attorneys in the country, as well as a bestselling author, successful entrepreneur and keynote speaker.

Today, as America’s Divorce Transformation Strategist, she is beloved by program participants for taking them from the depths of despair to the power of what’s possible. She inspires and empowers people to achieve outcomes beyond their wildest dreams by sharing her “behind-the-curtain” knowledge, methods and strategies  for navigating any divorce or life transition, and coming out on the other side victorious.

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